Design your bags

        Step 1:Content and Size

Step Step 2: Choose the type of paper stock syncing best with your image

Step Step 3: Choose your handle options

Paper Twist:

  • Stock Color Paper Twist
  • Dyed to Match Color Paper Twist  Dyed to Match Duplex Paper Twist

Fabric Cord:

  • Dyed to Match Fabric Cord with Soft Core  White Fabric Cord with Paper Core
  • Dyed to Match Fabric Cord with Paper Core


  • Dyed to Match Filament Polypropylene  Dyed to Match Cotton Macramé Rope  Cotton Twill Tape
  • Grosgrain

Step 4: Bags Enhancements – The extra touch that can add huge impact to your brand


Key Features



Mirage Stripe

  • Economical way to upgrade branding
  • Tinted varnish printed in vertical stripe pattern
  • Creates the illusion of an embossed pattern


Gloss Varnish

  • Overprinted on claycoat, makes colors appear more rich
  • Lower environmental impact than lamination


Matte Varnish

  • Satin finish masks over the inherent gloss ink characteristics
  • Prevents ink rub-off by sealing printed surface


Gloss UV

  • Extremely high gloss finish
  • Available on all substrates and can be applied while printing
  • Resembles lamination with lower environmental impact


Wet Look  Gloss UV

  • Same benefits of Gloss UV with added gloss “wet" look
  • Enhances bag artwork and brightens ink colors
  • Wet Look stems from printing UV on uncoated papers


Soft Touch

  • Gives silky smooth satin finish
  • Lower environmental impact than lamination


Smooth Bag  Front

  • Smooths bag front for optimum sleek appeal

Guillotine Cut

  • Straight edge cut on top fold and on bottom of bag  creates a clean look



Extended  Length Handles

  • Extends the length of bag handles
  • Macramé extended length handles gives option for  shopper to carry on shoulder


Conventional  Hot Stamp

  • Eye-catching metallic look
  • Higher perceived bag quality




Step 5: Printing Technology 


Key Features



  • In Line roll-to-bag printing
  • Most economical way to get branded bags
  • Up to 4 colors
  • Line art/moderate detail
  • Loose to moderate registration


  • Offline roll-to-roll printing
  • Up to 8 colors
  • High Registration
  • Fine detail, screens, half tones
  • Special coating/varnishes, including UV


  • Flexographic 4 color process printing
  • Medium resolution up to 133 line screen
  • Raised printing surface
  • Moderate grade paper stocks

Digital Technology

  • personalized, variable data printing (VDP)
  • print-on-demand
  • cost-effective short runs
  • fast turnarounds


  • Simultaneous inside/outside printing
  • Up to 3 print stations per side
  • Registered print position inside and out